Password Sharing Illegal? – Daily Security Byte EP. 288

In general, security experts like me are against sharing passwords, even among family and friends. Sure, we can all think of cases where sharing passwords with family might be useful, but why not just setup privileged accounts for those family members?

However, today’s episode isn’t about whether or not password sharing is a risk, it’s about whether or not it’s even legal at all. A US appeals court made a ruling on a case recently, basing their decision on the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA). The EFF thinks it’s a dangerous ruling, that would have a far-reaching affect on the legality of password sharing. Watch Monday’s video to learn what I think. 

(Episode Runtime: 4:46

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— Corey Nachreiner, CISSP (@SecAdept)

About Corey Nachreiner

Corey Nachreiner has been with WatchGuard since 1999 and has since written more than a thousand concise security alerts and easily-understood educational articles for WatchGuard users. His security training videos have generated hundreds of letters of praise from thankful customers and accumulated more than 100,000 views on YouTube and Google Video. A Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), Corey speaks internationally and is often quoted by other online sources, including C|NET, eWeek, and Slashdot. Corey enjoys "modding" any technical gizmo he can get his hands on, and considers himself a hacker in the old sense of the word.

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